Thursday, February 26, 2015

Under Re-Construction: Pardon Our Appearance

Dear friends,
Sometimes the old place needs a makeover. You know how it is. The same old, same. Old. But it's familiar and it's safe. Changing it over seems traumatic and something you'd never recover from. But as wise people have observed, the only constant in life is change. Some of it is welcome, like a new job, or a new place you've never been to, or a new pair of shoes. Some of it isn't welcome at all. Like my neighbors across the street, a family I've known for 17 years, kids who just lost their father, and a wife who just lost her husband. All change requires adjustment. A few tweaks or a major overhaul.

In this case, that's what's going on here. A re-imagining of this space so that more can happen. Musings, certainly, but not just in words. In pictures. More of my own, which makes sense since this is not just a blog about art, but also about my art, my visual interpretation of observations into the world I live in and that we all live in. I've not always embraced change. I remember not wanting to move my desk to another part of the office years ago for reasons we all understand. It's comfortable. Familiar. Safe. We have our well-constructed house of blocks just as we'd like it. Until some two year-old comes along and knocks it down in some kind of oblivious, playful triumph. At that point you have two options: be angry at the two year-old, or just realize that he was just doing what two year-olds do, and rebuild. Better this time. Removed from the two year-old's reach.

I've been sending out my pirate signal from here since 2010. In order to expand my reach, I need this space to become a place of dialogue, not just monologue. There will be a link to a new Facebook page, where you can continue the conversations we've started here. You'll be able to view new works in progress and when they're complete, you'll have the opportunity to see them at, which will also be redesigned, and you'll be able to buy them at my Imagekind store. It's all about making my work more accessible and available to more people, and being more coherent going forward in my business.

Speaking of change, some things won't change. The attitude for one. The twisted observations of things we do in this culture that seem just the other side of things a sane, healthy society would do won't change. "Maladjusted" won't change, but now the designs will become available as posters or prints. Hey, some people dig this stuff. People in Istanbul were checking this stuff out. Who knew?
Lastly, the name will change. This will now be The Work of Art Chronicles. There is a lesser known (lesser known than this? Yes!) blog bearing the same name. That will go away as the function of that blog will now fold into this one.

So, pardon the appearance, if you would, please. I'll try not to leave too much of a mess. But do please come visit. There'll be lots more to see.

More Later, as always...



P.S. The best kind of change is the kind you initiate and manage with awareness.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

MALADJUSTED! Because You've Waited Long Enough...

Finished product. Here it is. I'll say no more.

More Later