Thursday, March 25, 2010


I should take time to mention that there are a couple of things that are different around here. Namely, the name change. Going forward, this space will be known as artWork Chronicles. It's a take off from a title of an old movie, "The Martian Chronicles". I believe it featured Rock Hudson and Farrah Fawcett in what looked like surprisingly good production values for the time, which was perhaps 1980. Wow. That was 30 years ago. It can't be a good thing if I'm saying "30 years ago". I aint that old. Am I? Anyway, the title also seemed better and more fitting than the title of Norman Rockwell's old book, "My Adventures as an Illustrator", which was given to me for my birthday...15 years ago. I think.

Oh boy.
Where's the Geritol?
Oh...that doesn't exist anymore does it?
And almost nobody remembers it. The fact that I do...does not bode well.
All right. I'm gonna go rest my weary bones.


The Common Mistake, and I've Just Made It

The common mistake is being away and not paying attention to your blog. I've just made it. I let myself get distracted by too many other things. And so much has happened! The gallery is now up on Imagekind and it's had over 120 image views. Now that doesn't sound like a lot, but considering that it's only been two months, and there's still about a week left of this month, that's pretty good.
Also, a historic moment: healthcare legislation, after a year plus of hyperbole, overreaction, paranoia, and hysteria has been signed into law by President Barack Obama and...the earth continues to turn. My goodness, after all the predictions of doom surrounding this debate (for want of a better word), you'd think the planet was going to suddenly turn backwards on its axis. Yet the sun rises. People are going to work. The morning rush hour is still...well...rushed. And the Bolsheviks are, strangely, not anywhere near the gate. Not to wax political here at an art blog, but I would suggest that those who were certain we would go to hell in a hand basket over this, those overwrought ones should actually find some sober, sane analysis of the bill and read it. There are some who would argue it doesn't go far enough. I can't speak to that.
But it does get us going down the path toward universal coverage, which most developed countries have.
It's also the best package a market-based system like ours could have come up with. It's hardly perfect, and whatever your persuasion, you won't like everything that's in it or not in it.
But before you go off on a rant, you owe it to yourself to at least read the damned thing. Not all 2500 pages, obviously. But surely you can Google "healthcare law" and get a summary and some sensible analysis. Then you can get on with your day.

Meanwhile, cruise by the gallery if you haven't yet. It'll give you a lift. See you soon.