Monday, May 24, 2010

After Long Abstinence

Back on the air again, folks!
I could regale you with the latest tale of computer woes (in short, the computer burned out a processor which is an expensive fix), but I should not bore you with those details. Everyone has had a computer glitch that threatened to bring down if not civilization as we know it, certainly life as you've known it. There's a Holy Cross professor who was telling me about his steady descent into the technological concentric ring of hell over the last two weeks. It's truly amazing how dependent we've become on all this little gadgets. Even our president could not fully assume his duties as President if he were to be somehow parted from his Blackberry. One can only imagine how the Borg Collective would survive without its cybernetic appliances.

Shifting gears...

The other week I visited the Prints and Potter Gallery on Highland St. where I saw the most fascinating collection of figure drawings done by the Worcester Life Drawing Group. The exhibit is called "Body Work" Very tastefully done nudes and evidence of real talent. This tells me that Worcester is beginning to broaden its horizons to include more visual art. I think that's a good thing! Now I'm quite sure that some out here will look askance at me and say, "What the hell are you talking about? Worcester appreciates visual art." I realize I'm speaking from my own limited experience, of course and I don't have a bunch of evidence, but most of what I've seen here in this town has tended to be more craft-oriented. This stuck out and I thought it was telling that a gallery would display this kind of work right in its front window. It suggested to me that there's a bit of broader thinking going on. And as I said, there's nothing salacious about the pictures. It's just nice artwork, well displayed. Check it out. It's on through May 29th. If you can't physically get there, visit Like I said, this may not register with some folks, but for a visual artist like myself, I found this really encouraging.