Sunday, June 19, 2011

More about "Miracle Whip"

Yet another Miracle Whip ad which has no more a personality than Pauly D disapproving of this horrific condiment to the point of breaking up with a girl if she liked it.

I certainly understand the sentiment, but one shouldn't base relationship decisions on things as trifling as this (nor should one take relationship advice from Pauly D). After all, there are more substantive things to disagree about, such as the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry over which whole wars were fought and justly so.

Of course, I'm a Mets fan. So I have no horse in that race.

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A Plea to "Tone It Down"

From our friends at YouTube we get this oft-aired ad for Miracle Whip in its latest attempt to "sex up" mayonnaise, which is what Miracle Whip is ultimately. Now, I don't know about you, but the mayonnaise thing was lost on me when I was a kid and they showed ads for Hellman's brand of the stuff. I'd already tried it, dismissed it as the yuckiest stuff ever invented by human beings (and that's saying something!), and firmly decided that you were NOT bringing out the best when you bring on the Hellman's. I knew I could live the rest of my life without this substance in, well, anything.

Now comes this barrage of ads in a desperate effort to make this dreadful condiment relevant in the 21st century. I only note this one here, but there are others. This one sticks out because it's a defiant, edgy piece of art, saying that it's cool to eat this...concoction. It's actually quite clever, and it might make the casual observer think twice.
Unless you're me, of course.
Or unless you came to the same conclusion about the stuff that I did.
So here's Miracle Whip saying "We Will Not Tone It Down".

Lovely. In an era when so much is dialed WAY UP that probably shouldn't be, we have this to look forward to.
Dialed up mayonnaise.

Nice ad, though. Effective.
This one? Not so much.

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