Saturday, September 18, 2010

Follow Up to Last Month's Weather Rant

This will probably interest no one but me, but I was just looking at the weather stats on for September (which by the way, after that freakish bout of hot weather we had at the beginning, it's been just WONDERFUL! Sorry you beach lovers aren't getting any more blazing hot days to bake in. Really. Sorry. NOT!), and there were only six days where the temperature went above 80 degrees since I posted my rant. There were 15 days where the temperature was in the 70s including four straight days of rain and temps in the 60s. Now I don't want to get ahead of myself or anything, but I just wonder if the weather gods were taking notice and decided to give us a break here in Central MA. Obviously I'm grateful. Of course I did mind the humidity QUITE A LOT!

Nobody was happier than me for rain and cooler temps back down here the week of Aug.21st.
I was in VT on vacation at the time where they were having up there what WE needed down here.
Anyway, all that to say this: we've had in September 10 DAYS (so far) of sunshine, rain, and cooler temperatures and nice nights for sleeping. I am totally down with that. HAPPY FALL, EVERYBODY!

More later

P.S. The fact that I get to haul out my sweaters is also pretty nice.