Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Delays! Delays!

For those of you who are attempting (like me) to make a go of blogging, this will serve as an example of how tough it can be to stick with. Life can (and does!) intrude on the best laid plans. In my case, the intrusion came in the form of an unexpected trip to the hospital. After a diagnosis of "third nerve palsy", I was admitted to the ER and then to the hospital for tests which turned out to be (thankfully!) negative for things like a stroke, an aneurysm or anything related to it that might be causing pressure on the third cranial nerve which controls eye movement. The causes could be anything like what I just mentioned, to hypertension, or diabetes. A nurse suggested to me that it could be caused by a virus or an infection. In any case, it has the effect of causing the eye to close, swelling, and double vision.

The condition, from everything I've read, and from conversations with doctors, does usually reverse itself. It takes about 6-8 weeks. As of Sunday, March 20th, I'll have been out of the hospital a month. My left eye has resumed its cosmetic shape and appearance, and I have almost normal vision with a little double vision, but that gets better with time. I'm 2-4 weeks ahead of schedule.

Now for those of you who always laughed at the line that if you make faces, one day your face could freeze like that, well...they weren't entirely wrong. You could say mine did. And I wasn't even making faces.

Hence, the delay in posting. This is a work in progress.

More later