Thursday, January 28, 2010

We Begin Here...

Well, here we are. Introducing my blog! Key fanfare, confetti, really lousy sounding horns (you know the ones), and cheers.

OK stop.

Here at the artWorks-kcd blog, you will find (or at least hear about) everything I'm doing as an artist (designer, illustrator, etc), random observations, questions I have that may or may not have answers, my take on the events of the day (meaningless though they may be, opinions seem to carry weight these days, and I have one like anyone else), but, more than all that, this blog is about ART work. Mine, perhaps those of friends, or just people I admire like Norman Rockwell (who's dead and has been for 30-plus years now), or Frank Frazetta (who's 80 years old now and is still drawing and painting left-handed after a series of strokes), or Simone Bianchi who did a well-received Astonishing X-Men story last year.
These are the people I want to be when I grow up. Minus the dead part and the series of paralyzing strokes part. I just thought I should mention that I really don't need those particular items. It's a point of distinction.
So...this is a beginning. The beginning. Of really interesting and really cool things. And you get to watch it all unfold with me. Enjoy the ride.